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   Over the course of a lifetime we seem to reveal ourselves. If we look for the clues, the things we enjoy seem to call out to us, and if we are lucky, and recognize this for what it is, we take advantage of what we find. As an avocation, I have always taken pictures. Often times grudgingly, as I deemed it a nuisance to have to carry the camera and equipment along.


   I found over time, that the more pictures I took, the better the results. They were more pleasing and the eye was becoming more refined. As I began to show my work and receive positive feedback, the more gratifying the entire process became and the more I wanted to do. In recent years, I have been able to exploit my passion as I began traveling around the world, and have taken countless numbers of pictures.


   As I sought to enhance my knowledge, I began taking classes to enable me to learn more ways to improve my product. That has been fun also, but the advancement of technology has been the most challenging part of the entire journey. It is a new language and adds another dimension. It is difficult to retain the knowledge that pours in my direction.


   In my “formative” years, I was a businessman, finding my way through the maze of the world of Real Estate. The creative juices which are required to succeed in that business make this creative pursuit a natural. Think about it! 


   My photos are an eclectic mix. I enjoy landscapes, cityscapes, people, travel, and the funky! What you find along the way is the humorous, the patriotic, the poignant, the bucolic, the documentary, and always , the personal. The cultural differences which make up the fabric of the world are are shown through the eye of the camera. I hope some of my pictures give you reason to pause and reflect, appreciating what we see around us every day, and often take for granted.


   My wife Sandy and I have been in and around the Irvington, VA area throughout our more than 50 years of marriage, and for the last 10 years have lived in this incomparably beautiful area. I am fortunate to have 2 sets of eyes to help capture what I see. The picture taking opportunities






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